FA-400/ FA-400E


        Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
  • True random access and direct reading system
  • Automatic 8 channels washing station and reusable cuvette
  • With refrigerated reagent positions
  • Perfect self-checking function
  • Liquid level detection sensors for sample and reagent
  • FA-400E with ISE unit of K +, Na +, Cl -, electrodes, which are available on request.
  • Bar code reader is available on request
  • Simplicity of operation and flexibility with user friendly software
  • Designed with environmental protection concept
    Technical Specifications
  • Operation:True random access
  • Reading System:Direct reading system
  • Assay Type: End point, Kinetic, fixed time, differential, blanking, bichromatic and immunoturbidimetric, 1-2 reagent assays and all users programmable
  • Assay Item: Maximum 30/40 chemistry assays and 5 electrolytes assays (ISE unit is optional)
  • Throughput: 400 tests/hr or 500 tests/hr with ISE
  • Sample Capacity:88sample positions including standard, controls and stat, either serum cup or primary tube available
  • Sample Volume:1-100 ul, 0.1 ul/step
  • Reagent Capacity: 2*30/40 refrigerated reagent positions(R1:30/40, R2 30/40)
  • Reagent Volume:R1:1-500 ul, 1 ul/step; R2:1-500 ul, 1 ul/step
  • Reagent Probe:With liquid level detection sensor
  • Reaction time:0-999 seconds
  • Minimum Reaction Volume:180 ul
  • Reaction Temperature:37degree.centigrade?.1degree.centigrade
  • Cuvette:90 high-quality UV-transmitted plastic cuvettes
  • Washing:8 channels automatic washing system for reading cuvette and for each sample/reagent probe equipped with independent washing station
  • Calibrator:Linearity and nonlinearity multipoint calibrator
  • Sample Dilution/Retest:When the result is out of range or the sample is in sufficient, the sample may be diluted and retested automatically or program retest in advance
  • Wavelength:300nm-800nm, 7 measuring wavelengths, two spare ones, others on request
  • Width of Band:? nm
  • Light Source:Long-life halogen lamp
  • Photometric Measuring Range:0-3.000 O.D.
  • Star Test:Allowed at any time
  • Mixing Function:Yes
  • Quality Control:Q.C. processing randomly and Q.C. data can be displayed and printed at any time and stored for years.3-6levels of Q.C. can be run at the same time
  • Software:The colorful interface of friendly software with different language versions. Windows xp/2000 makes it easier to operate
  • Data Processing:More than 200 assay methods and one million patients? data can be stored for a long time.
  • Report Format:4 formats
  • Optional accessories:ISE unit, bar code reader for reagent and sample, floor standing cabinet, quartz cuvette
  • Power Supply:110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ
  • Dimension:130cm*110cm*90 cm
  • Weight:105KGs