Η σειρά SIBELSOUND400 του οίκου SIBELMED Ισπανίας περιέχει έναν καινοτόμο δικάναλο ακοομετρητή. Όλο το σύστημα ελέγχεται από ψηφιακό ηχητικό επεξεργαστή. Η σειρά αυτή αναπτύχθηκε σε συνεργασία με το Χειρουργικό Τμήμα (ΩΡΛ) του Πανεπιστημίου της Βαρκελώνης  και πληρεί τους κανόνες ασφαλείας και ποιότητας.

The SIBELSOUND 400, is a revolutionary two-channel audiometer. The entire system is controlled by Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for reliable, quick and easy audiometric exploration of hearing thresholds and screening tests, such as suprathreshold pure tone tests.
The SIBELSOUND 400 audiometer was developed by SIBEL, S.A.'s RDI department in collaboration with the Surgery Department (Ear, Nose and Throat and Audiology) of the University of Barcelona and well-known specialists in the field, in accordance with standard criteria of both national institutions such as the UNE and international institutions such as the IEC, ISO, etc.

350.010.AUD - SIBELSOUND400/ A: Screening, air conduction

350.011.AUD - SIBELSOUND400/ AM: Screening, air conduction & masking

350.012.AUD - SIBELSOUND400/ AO: Screening, air conduction & bone conduction

350.013.AUD - SIBELSOUND400/ AOM: Basic diagnostics, air conduction, bone conduction & masking

350.014.AUD - SIBELSOUND400/ AOM+: Clinic, air conduction, bone conduction, masking, SISI and speechaudiometry

350.015.AUD - SIBELSOUND400/ SUPRA: Clinic, air conduction, bone conduction, masking, SISI, speechaudiometry and supraliminar test